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If the chill is gone and bees are buzzing in the blossomed trees, it has to be May, one of the warmest, perfumed and most joyful months of the year. But such good times cannot go unnoticed and the season of summer knocking on the door deserves a special celebration, one that only the British know how to make it truly outstanding, about love and romance.


With a tradition of more than 2000 years in England, May Day, formally established for the first Monday of May, is just the first one from a series of traditions held throughout the entire month. Since beginning with 1978 it was moved from the first day of the month to the first Monday, it has become a bank holiday in the entire United Kingdom, bringing an extra day of holiday to a pleasurable weekend, when children get to stay at home and adults put their work on hold.

Once upon a time however – back in the Dark Ages to be more precise – May Day had a different name: Beltane. The word meant “fire of Bel” and our ancestors, the Celts, thought of it as the first summer day and were anxiously waiting that moment, looking forward to the warm, sunny and productive months.


Music, dancing and games were back then, just like now, the only things that people were delving into, which is why May Day has easily been associated, in time, with fun and revelry, but, even more important, with fertility.

And still, what are the times of joy without someone standing by your side? What would be the point in having lots of laughs while watching the kids playing around the Maypole, trying the Morris dancing or just having a great time throughout the mini-holiday without a date?

Singles are in danger of missing all that fun just because they do not have a special someone to share their happiness with, which makes the happiness alone fade away. So, if you have no date for the May Day, lucky you there is still time to find one.

You should not be running on streets hoping to bump into the perfect match for a perfect day, at least not when there are easier and more convenient ways to meet singles from your area and start interacting with them right away. Taking advantage of all the services that online dating websites provide is one of your best shots to find a date for this year’s May Day and, why not, even start celebrating the holiday a few days earlier…

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