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As online dating sites are evolving each day, it is natural that new methods for getting in touch with someone one might like are appearing. When it comes to dating websites, studies say large numbers of folks using those are really shy in their real-lives, but when they come online things are changing.

This is available for singles registering to this kind of sites and hoping to find someone that may become the person to share a romance with, however a new arrived dating sites makes things a little more interesting. We all were in the situation to have a hot eye contact with a gorgeous lady, or maybe we had some words with a great guy but never saw him again. The questions that come after are « what if I had asked for her phone number ? » « what if I would invited him to theatre, he was definitely that type » and so on. is the place where shy folks that like other people might write notes in which they describe the guy/girl they like, the place they have met, why he likes her or any other related questions/facts.

Basically, each user that has a crush over another person posts a note and hopes the one the post is addressed to will see it and maybe reply to him/her. A fantastic feature of this site is that you do not have to be registered in order to post notes, search through notes and even reply to someone you think you might know.

As we said, dating sites are evolving nowadays and is one that has a different approach. It literally allows people to find out if someone likes them, anonymously (or note) post a note about somebody encountered in the local store that had that « thing » or just get back in touch with someone that might be using this same site. The website was released one week ago but the editors from Top UK Dating Sites are already seeing lot of potential in it.