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HIV/AIDS dating niche, who is he biggest player in UK

A row reminiscent of the argument that used to rage between Google and Yahoo about who has the largest database of indexed website has broken out between and, the two sites claim to have the largest membership of HIV positive members in the UK thereby the largest player in the HIV/AIDS dating niche.

The difference between this two specialist HIV/AIDS dating site and Yahoo V Google battle was that, while Yahoo and Google argued about billions of documents, and argue about the tiny HIV dating niche, whose membership are only a few thousands and according to a recent global report on HIV/AIDS, people who qualify to seek a date in HIV/AIDS dating niche are in decline as HIV/AIDS infection declines.

On its website, HIV Match says “Established in July 2006 we were the Uk’s first online HIV dating website and are by far the largest.” The claim of being the largest was disputed by Steve of, in a blogpost at website Steve wrote “ is exaggerating its member numbers to gain an advantage in the market, to investigate, we took out a membership on and discovered that their site has approximately 1000 members – presumably all with HIV. ”

The question was put to Steve as to how he could be certain that has only 1,000 members when his assumption was based on educated guess from registering as a member of, surely, he does not have access to the backend of the site where accurate membership information is stored. Steve via email saying “Sure, there could be backend members, but Nigel Woodforth of has not addressed specific question about membership number. His responses simply say were the first, and they are exclusively HIV, that does not dispute or confirm my assertion that they only have 1,000 members. claims it is the largest HIV dating site in UK, of its 4,000 members, about 1,500 are said to be HIV positive, meaning boasts of 50% more membership than

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