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Prior to the arrival of niche dating sites on the online dating scene, you are sentenced to trawling through thousands of boring profile that does not remotely match that of the kind of person you want to me. But if you are lucky, you may find a ‘diamond in a rock’ by stumbling across the profile of the kind of date you were hoping to meet. With niche dating such as green dating, special interest dating etc, you are guaranteed to meet people with with your interest, the only search will be meeting the right person for you.
Helping people meet potential partners with shared values was one of the inspirations of the creators of Natural Friend, a dating site that calls itself the first ‘green’ friendship and dating agency.

Natural Friends started introducing people who want to meet partners that are non-smokers, have ethical approach to life among other caring qualities. Twenty three years after Natural Friends was started it website boast of the agency have introduced over 40,000 people and they are still going strong doing what they do best which is introducing men and women with strong ethics.

Natural Friends approach to online dating is refreshing when compared with some of the other sites. You can actually read the full profile of members of the site without the need to register or pay for membership first, you only register and pay should you want to contact a member or want to put your profile online.

A few of the things that stands out partly as a prerequisite/common interest to of members or potential members of Natural Friends include being a non-smoker, concern for the environment, love of nature and most members seem to live in or near a rural area.

A list of what Natural Friends list as some of their members interest follows:

* environmental concerns;
* walking, cycling and other outdoor pursuits;
* the living world; organic gardening;
* holistic philosophies and complementary medicine;
* good health and physical fitness;
* yoga, meditation and the many other aspects of personal development;
* spiritual awareness;
* good music and literature of all types;
* the creative and performing arts;
* human and animal welfare;
* equality, justice and World Peace.
If you have been looking for a date or friendship with the above credentials and have not found one, it could be because you have been looking in the wrong kind of dating site.
Give Natural Friends a try, you environment aware, Guardian reading eco lover date could be waiting for you at Natural Friends.