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Singlesquare iphone app

Winning a virtual mayorship on Foursquare is not such a difficult task for those experienced, however is it possible to get rid of “being single” etiquette through this popular social network? Apparently yes, through a newly-launched iPhone application named Singlesquare, an application that basically creates a location-based dating service for all singles using it.

Launched this week, Singlesquare comes with no costs involved for those that want to give it a try and has quite a few interesting features for singles. From posting sightings of other single folks in bars and clubs to even “promoting” yourself as a single person searching for a romance (by the way, you are allowed to add photos as well), this application has all the features needed to become a hit.

Pickup lines are the messages used to get in touch with someone you might fancy; just take a look on your nearby bars and restaurants searching for single people and send them a pickup line. These could be the best possible ice-breakers around…This apps’ potential is quite huge with so many people into Foursquare already and also, with thousands of singletons searching already for their love.

This is not the single iPhone app Foursquare is launching, among some previously ones here are Beerby (an app that allows you to review the beer you drink at that the moment), foursqWAR (a “war game”) and many others that gain some popularity in time. However Singlesquare seems to be closely following the trend of location-based dating services but one thing should be taken into consideration: unless it becomes popular, you might be the single Singlesquare user searching for a date in a certain bar, restaurant or even worse, town.