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fulham datingIt’s a good news for all the Fulhammiers and not only, as everyone may want to participate at the party that will be held on the 21 of October in Fullham. It will be the first speed dating Fulham event organised by one of the top UK dating sites, ImYours.

However, this will be exactly like all the other speed dating events : 20 women and 20 men will meet in a top notch venue, the Durell Arms, where nobody without an invitation at the speed party event can’t enter, and they will meet each other. And, in order to respect the rules of the speed dating parties, they will have to change their meeting partners from 3 minutes to 3 minutes, until they’ll meet every people of oposite sex.

And that will not be just it, as after all the meetings will be completed, the guests will be offered drinks seats, music and a whole night to find out more one about the other. And who knows, maybe on 22 of October ImYours will be the godfather of a new brand couple.

Because it will be the first edition of the Fulhammiers speed parties, there will even be a 50% discount at the participation fee. Usually, the price for such an invitation would be 20 pounds, but as this is a special ocassion, the people willing to attent at such an event will have to pay only 10 pounds, therefore it’s an ocassion that no single man or woman should ever miss, no matter what.