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New Year ushers in marriage and relationship break across UK

The New Year celebrations bring along with it a lot of hope and fresh aspirations among people. It is also the time when many of us make resolutions with a lot more seriousness than at any other time of the year. Psychologically, it is a new beginning and all of us want to start the New Year on a clean slate by discarding junk, clutter of the physical as well as the mental kind. Some of us even patch up differences and get on with life forgetting animosities. Overall, it is therefore supposed to be a period of revelry, fresh ideas and a mind set that is tuned towards reunion, togetherness and bonding. When you witness the happy time that people seem to be having, you would not be wrong in assuming that all is well and the world is stepping into the New Year as it should.

However, things are not as they seem and it is more than likely that these displays of affection and yuletide bonding may be hiding some severe cracks that have reached a point of beyond repair. In fact, with the advent of the New Year, these cracks will finally cave in and many couples would be making their way to the lawyer to file divorce papers. This trend has been going on over the last so many years in the UK according to the lawyers. Couples typically use the month of December to build bridges and if those efforts fail, they rush to the lawyer in the New Year, making a mockery of all the bonding exhibited prior to the event.

Relationship experts also aver that many couples in the UK prefer the month of Jan over other months and typically choose the 4th of Jan in the New Year as the day to call up the lawyers as that happens to be the first working day of the New Year. One web site specialising in online divorce cases claims that the divorce rate is likely to be greater by a couple of percentage points this year going by the number of clients accessing it in the month of December and going by the increase in its sale of affordable divorce related products. This is a significant departure from the falling divorce rates seen over the last decade.

Interestingly, the initiative to go for a divorce into the New Year is more often than not taken by the woman as she no longer wants to continue with a relationship that is not in the best of shape. This intolerance among women has been increasing over the years and they do not wish to pull along with a marriage that does not seem to be working despite all efforts.

The main reasons for divorces this year have been attributed to the recession, increasing property prices and debt liability building up. Couples who have decided to separate can now sell off their property and settle their debt and that is one more strong motivation for them to break up, it would appear.

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