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Niche Dating is dead Long live general dating sites –

According to Ricardo Rocha co-founder of, a general dating site launched recently, niche dating is dead, long live general dating. Though Ricardo did not use those exact words, that was the general gist of the reasoning behind

Ricardo and his girlfriend of 3 years meet at one of the major dating sites, the irony of their meeting was that the two were not supposed to be a match. “well, more than years on we are still going strong. We decided to put the experience gained from our meeting to do online dating differently, we want to bring more people together by relaxing the excessive filtering and profiling large and niche dating sites us to determine who is a match for whom, why not just bring people together and let them decide?.

Ricardo went on to add that “niche websites tend to let you live in your own bubble and don’t really let you see all the different people there is out there. We want to target mainly professionals, but we don’t want to create too many restrictions!”

There is currently two dating sites in Ricardo and Paula’s dating venture; and “We do realise that not everyone is looking for romance and might be at a certain stages of their life where they just need someone with whom to unwind, that’s what caters for”

Ricardo plans to differentiate his dating site from other online dating sites by interacting actively with his user base via Facebook and twitter to gather information about how the users will like to see the site evolve.

Both and uses a White label Dating platform at the moment. Given restrictions White label can impose on the growth of a dating site and given that the particular White label platform used by plasters unrelated adverts on the site, the chances of and its sister site shaping the online dating landscape the way the sites founder conceived remains to bee seen.

You can join by visiting their website