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When the dating industry was still small and young, dating sites tried to be everything to every man and woman, the exponential growth and popularity of online dating brought about the need for more focused online dating sites which lead to the creation of niche dating site which focuses on one segment of the dating market to meet the needs of users better. 

The niche dating marketplace is now quite huge with almost every interest represented from niche dating by sexual orientation to niche dating based on pets, married people who want to cheat on their partner, people with STD, people with AIDs, love of a particular sport for example golf and the list goes on and on.
Top UK Dating Dating sites has compiled a list of popular niche dating sites you may find useful below:
Amigos – Dating site for Latinos.
Adult Friends – This niche caters for people mainly interested in the physical side of relationship.
BBW – Though called big beautiful women, this niche focuses on plus size singles both men and women.
Bisexual Dates – This niche matched members by sexual orientation, specialising in men and women who are attracted to same sex and opposite sex.
Christian Singles – Faith based dating introducing Christians.
Gay Personals – This niche is really for both homosexuals and lesbians but it tends to be used by homosexuals only.
Golfers Dating – The name says it all, dating niche for golf lovers.
Jewish Dating – Dating sites for followers of Judaism and Jewish people.
Lesbian Dates – This type of sites focus on helping women who love other women find love.
Love Positive – Dating niche for people who are HIVAIDS positive.
Muslim Singles – This is another niche that matches members of the same faith, the Islamic faith on this occasion.
Senior Dates – This niche is a big complicated, sometime it described over forty, other times it is used for people over fifty. It is also called mature dating.
Military Dating – Helps people in the military find love.

This is not an exhaustive list of dating niches out there, if you know of a niche that was omitted please use the contact for to let us know and we will add it.