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No Strings Attached movie review

No Strings Attached, featuring Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman tries to present itself as a romantic comedy with humour, some saucy language and a bit of romance, but unfortunately it fails to be either romantic or funny. The plot is simple: Adam and Emma, two long-life acquaintances, decide to have sex without the hassles brought by a long-term relationship but they almost ruin everything by doing this. Their “motto” for this so-called relationship is “no strings attached”, meaning no romance, no jealousy, no gently kissing in public, basically nothing related to a normal relationship.

As you might be expecting, the movie is quite predictable, just ask yourself: who will fall in love first? Adam is a romantic fellow, still with a broken-heart after his former girlfriend started dating his dad; on the other hand, Emma does not feel anything when it comes to romance and love but has a great appetite for sex, thus deciding to hook-up with Adam in their “no strings attached” relationship. This “gender-reversal” plot is quite interesting while we all know men are mostly in search for sex-buddies while women are always in search for a romantic soul to share a love story with.

From here on, things become quite predictable and boring in the same time. There is no chemistry between those two characters, there are no bounds that could get them together, there is no spark in their eyes. Yes, sometimes they could smile at each other but is that a sign that they are in love (or on the edge of falling in love) one for the other? With all those great actors playing in No Strings Attached, things could have been definitely better.

As for the comedy part of this movie, well, there isn’t any. Although the trailer is filled with jokes and humorous moments, these are all that you might find when seeing this movie. On the other hand, you should probably go and see for yourself if you are looking for a low-quality romantic comedy with good actors playing like they shouldn’t.

Well, that is that about No Stings Attached the film. The question is how did they arrive at the script? has some of the writter beeing using no strings attached dating sites like Very Naughty?