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Asian Women Planet

This site is ideal to meet exciting Asian women from different countries like China, Philippines, Thailand, Mexico and even Africa. Whether it is for a platonic friendship, romance and simple correspondence through mail or chat or dating, you are sure to find a very exhaustive database of eligible Asian women from where you can choose a partner of your choice, wether philippine women or Thai women .

Let us take a moment to understand as to why men, especially American and European wish to link up with Asian women and are actively scouring dating sites for an Asian partner of their desire. The answer is a difficult one as everybody has their individual preferences and every woman irrespective of the country or nationality has her own individuality. However one possible explanation that has emerged the strongest and the most plausible seem to be the attitude of Asian women towards men and that has swung the pendulum in their favour, not just to date but a good asian women for marriage

Man, typical of his male chauvinistic attitude loves to be pampered and mothered. Most men want to come home after a hard day’s work and be received by a partner who would attend to his every requirement with a smile. He also requires that the house is well maintained and he is fed the best of tasty food. These are requirements that he is finding it extremely difficult to fulfill with women from the West, given their own attitude towards equality of gender and status. Most Western women are very career oriented them selves and would not want to be seen as subservient to the male. This has unfortunately resulted in a lot of broken marriages as both partners do not want to adjust and compromise for each other given their headstrong attitude.

Asian women on the other hand look forward to serving their partners and do not indulge in any one-upmanship. They are more than eager to adjust and give in to the demands of their male partner and willing to do every thing possible to ensure a happy and congenial partnership. Cooking meals and maintaining the house are considered essential talents that an Asian woman must possess and most of them take special efforts to make sure that they learn these skills much before they are due to get married. They also look forward to rearing children and feel it is part of their essential duties as a woman.