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In one of the stories from King Arthur’s legend, Sir Gawain mortgage his love life by promising to marry and old ugly hag who had the answer to a question that may just save his uncle,  King Arthur’s life.  Arthur must find an answer to a question Queen Morgana asked him to provide and answer to the following morning or lose his head, the question was “what do women really want”.

The answer the old hag gave Arthur did save his life and his nephew had to marry the old hag. In bed with the old had as his wife, thought Viagra was yet to be invented back them but no amount of Viagra could have help Sir Gawain consummate the marriage, his brid was just too ugly to arose his desire. As things do happen in mythical stories, the had turned to a beautiful princess and sir Gawain was able to proceed with the matter at hand without any helping hand. However the princess reveals that she was cursed by and evil witch, she turns to and old had in the day and back to a prince in the evening, Sir Gawain had to choose whether he want his bride to be a beautiful prince in the day time and a hag at night or the other way round.

Sir Gawain told his wife “you choose which you prefer” and the fact that the princess was given a choice broke the spell and she was a princess both in the day and in the night. The key was to “let women choose”.

This legendary question or is it answer to men giving the women freedom to choose  persist up till today and has  found its way to the modern online adult dating industry.