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Round up of online dating websites in 2010

Dating Online December 2010
Despite the bad weather that plagued the last weeks and days of December 2010, online ecommerce broke new records with millions of people shopping online and spending more and more than in the previous years. Online dating was not left out in this exponential growth.

Google reported that the term ‘online dating’ experienced a significant surge of searches throughout December, with particularly large spikes of traffic for ‘online dating’ on Sundays. This can only mean one thing! singles stuck at home and those looking for a partner to share the festive seasons are hitting online dating sites to find love.

Several online dating site reported increase in sign-ups during the holidays, with most new members joining dating sites in the 4 days following Christmas. With a very successful Decembers, dating sites are expecting even better January. January has been dubbed by some as the ‘National Breakup Month’ as couples split up and look for new love.

Online dating industry is expecting the take up on online dating to be even more popular in 2011 as this is the year dating online is predicted to hit 1 billion pounds for the first time.

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