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online dating for gamers

The number of boys and men who spend most of their free time playing on their Xbox, playstation, PC game and other computer games is rising even faster than the billions of pounds Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and other gaming console manufacturers are raking in ever month. The intense addition to online games and other games has had a knock on effect on dating. There was a survey knocking about early this year, which claimed that, most men prefers to play computer games to sex, this is naturally a bad news for normal women.
There is however a breed of girls and women who do not mind dating geeks and gamers, there are now a special dating niche for such women, introducing them to geeks ranging from die hard sci-fi enthusiast, gamers, RPG games enthusiast and others who put their love of computer, video games or other hobbies first before their love life.

We hope to use this page to bring you a list of dating sites that caters for these breeds of men and women.

Computer Passion

Meet a geek with passion for computer at Computer Passion, a free online dating site and social networking portal for single men and women with passion for Technology.  If you like gadgets, works in computing, Internet, software development or other computing related job, this could be the dating site for you.

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  1. Anderson says:

    I am an avid gamer and have always had this ‘thing’ for female gamers…there is somthing about them that draws me to them… this is a welcome news for people like me…a dating site for gamers! just couldn’t ask for more…
    Discrete dating site for those married , or in a relationship,
    and looking for discreet married dating.