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Online Dating SA

Online Dating SA

Among South Africans, 68% said they would never even consider it, 48% said they would rather meet somebody face to face, and 21% believed Internet romance was dangerous. According to Synovate, who wanted to find out how web surfers in South Africa felt about online romance.  The text quoted above the result of a survey done in 2007 which almost accurately reflect the prevailing attitude to online dating at the time.

There is a saying that Internet years are like dog years, this article argue that Internet years are even at least three years ahead of dog years making one regular calendar year the about 10 years on the Internet.  This makes the above quote almost 30 years outdated in Internet year. Attitude in towards online dating in South Africa has not radically changed, the dating marketplace is actually growing in leaps and bounds.

South Africa has a new president, Jacob Zuma, is not exactly inactive on the dating scene, for a start, he has three wives and was recently acquitted or rape. Should anyone wish to start an adult dating site niche for South Africa, their president would be a fantastic model for such dating site.

A new Online Dating site for South Africa was recently launched but Ozami Dating.  The site, powered by WLD already has thousands of members from various parts of Sount Africa in its database. The regions of South Africa the site covers includes Eastern Cape, Free State, Gauteng, Kwazulu-Natal, Limpopo, North West, Mpumalanga, Northern Cape  and Western Cape.

One of the fascinating things about online dating in South Africa which also happens to be the reason it has huge potentials for growth is the fact that the country has a population of almost 5o million, with white people making up about  about 10% but when you visit a South African dating site, most of the members are white except for a handful of black people. Perhaps its a cultural thing with white people embracing online dating while the majority black people shun it for now.  That is a very simplistic view of what must have a very complex explanation.

Ozami Online Dating South African section offers some interesting functionalities that makes using their dating platform unique, some of the features of Ozami SA includes the following, Send a gift, a feature which allows members to send gift to the object of their desire, personality testing,  pesonality matching, advance search, chat and other features online dating site users have come to expect in most dating sites.