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Online dating sites gets busier over the holiday period

The festive/holiday periods is upon us very shortly, it is one of the most exciting times for relationships, it is also a dangerous time for relationships that are not well rounded in the first instance. Singles use the holiday period to find partners, relationships that were hanging by a thread breaks down creating newly singles men and women, the over all effect for online dating sites is that they are very busy as existing singles and new singles try to find new partners.

Dating sites provide pages and pages of dating tips which they hope will help relationship survive the holiday period, one such artice title “How to holiday proof your relationship” was published by Im your dating a few days ago. In the article, Im your dating offer couples advice on how not to let the the holiday drive a wedge between them including sensible tips about giving the appropriate present, compromising on present and things to do over the holidays. You can find the full How to holiday proof your relationship article here.

Other site give tips on how singles can find a partner in the holiday period, in a press release called “Single’s survival guide to holiday dating” Zoosk, a dating site that describes itself as the largest social dating community said that “More singles participate in online dating during the holiday season than during any other time of the year,” the spokes person for Zoosk added that “We know that the holidays can present unique dating questions and challenges, so we talked with several relationship experts and then polled singles in our own community to gather the best tips, gift giving ideas, and holiday dating trends out there. The Singles survival guide to holiday dating can be downloaded from Zoosk website. The guide is quite comprehensive and it included some starts about dating habit which includes the statistics below:
This holiday season, 63% of singles are looking for long-term true love, 33% of singles are just looking for a holiday party date and 4% feel it’s too stressful to date during the holidays.
19% of men say they would invite a woman to their office holiday party as a first date. Only 10% of women would invite a man to their office party as a first date.
Hopefully readers of this post will take the advice offered by Im your “Holiday proof your relationship” hence would not need a new boyfriend or girlfriend however if that should be the case, you can take comfort in the fact that most online dating sites are aware of the challenges posed by holidays to relationship hence they are waiting to help you find a new date.

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