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Most UK dating sites now accepting PayPal

looking for dating site that accepts PayPal is like waiting for a bus, you find non when you need it most and suddenly you find dozens of them arriving at the same time. Perhaps its to do with PayPal terms and conditions, I know PayPal does not accept adult website, not sure about dating site but for some reason, I have received email from not less than about five online dating site informing me that they now accept PayPal so you can pay with you credit card via PayPal or you can pay with you PayPal credit.

I don’t know if this has any significant privacy issue when compared with say paying with your mobile phone. Paying with PayPal is expected to help increase sign up at some online dating as this bring additional privacy and convenience for some clients.

Dating site that accepts PayPal

Here are some dating site I know for sure accepts PayPal :

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