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There are many niche-based dating sites around the internet, but one of the most recent to make headlines is  With the advent of such shows like the Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo, it was inevitable that a site like this would be created before long, appealing to a specific genre of women who want to meet a millionaire.  Their advertising is even meant to appeal to a wide assortment of people: “this is the first, most effective and largest site in the world to connect with, date, marry successful, beautiful people”.  Who wouldn’t be enraptured by that tag line?

While most online dating sites feature the same features such as “find your match, find true love, etc.”, promises someone who will be able to support you and have reached a certain level of success within their industry.  As the site promises individuals from every attractive industry, it still retains that every “quality” single is welcome, including that you do not have to be rich or famous.  Every type of person has their own dating niche, and there are many around the country who strive to marry a millionaire or someone of equal value.  For many “regular” women (or men) around the country, it has become increasingly difficult to find someone of a higher “status”  than you are, resulting in sites like this one which allows you to mix in the circles of celebrities or executive CEOs.

There are many different types of online millionaire matchmaking sites, even some which get right to the point, listing themselves as “Sugar Daddy” dating sites.  However, the fact remains that many of these high-end individuals do not have the time to venture outside the office and meet attractive partners, which is why the prospect of online dating is that much more appealing for them.  Online dating is not for everyone, but appeals most for the many people who find themselves afraid of going out to meet new people and afraid of uncomfortable social situations.  Meeting someone online gets rid of certain boundaries and allows you to get to know them on a less stressful level.  This is how online dating started, and with the increase of niche-based dating, the online dating industry has pounced on the prospect, thereby allowing millions to find their online matches.  While many of us still speculate as to the validity of such sites (how do we know they are millionaires), the fact remains that for many people searching for love across the nation, these sites have allowed them to find people catered to their specific interests.  Successful men and women on millionaire matchmaking sites are aware that some of their matches just want to be hooked up with someone with a lot of money, but they have come to accept this and are simply looking for a forum upon which to meet people they normally wouldn’t.

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