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Online dating study by Oxford University

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The Oxford Internet Institute, part of Oxford University has recently released an interesting study related to online dating usage called “A Global Shift in the Social Relationships of Networked Individuals: Meeting and Dating Online Comes of Age”. Basically, this report is the conclusion of a survey that took place on a worldwide level in 18 countries questioning over 12,500 couples regarding their social relationships.

The survey only targeted couples that have an Internet connection at home and some of the questions were regarding how the two partners met, how did they try to hook-up with someone before they met, how are they trying in this moment to maintain the flame burning and how are they using the Internet in their everyday life, from work to home. This survey was 100% conducted online and here are the main conclusions this report revealed:

–          Online dating definitely works and also it is on a rising edge: over 25% of the questioned couples met through online dating (couples that started dating in the last 5 years)

–          Online dating sites are not the only virtual places for meeting someone; this vary from country to country and ranges from social networking sites to even forums and so on

–          Dating online should not be considered a substitute for traditional offline dating

–          Over 40 people are more inclined to use online dating services than people below 40

This is a quite interesting study for online dating industry; you can have a full read here.