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There are numerous folks in the UK raising their kids single after a divorce and not only. The numbers of single parents are drastically increasing every day and finding someone that can understand this situation and become a lifetime partner can really be a hassle for those people. One of the most popular dating sites for single parents in the UK is, created for both single dads searching for a romance and for single mothers as well.

Although this website’s main target are single parents, it also allows registration for people without children, whether they are looking to find someone and raise that person’s kids together or even finding another member without children for a long-term commitment and not only. This community isn’t created only for long-term relationship but also for those searching just for fun or even no-strings-attached relationship – this can be specified when one is filling-up his member profile.

After registering for free, one can upload his pictures and start browsing the large database for someone alike, one word of advice though : every picture is checked by this website’s editors and you are not allowed to post any picture in which your children appear, for their protection. Once your profile is setup, you can easily start searching through basic or advanced search, for a better matching. As we are talking about profile creation, one of the most interesting features has to offer is, along with the basic search, the image search, one feature that not every dating site is offering.

For paid users, another set of extra-features is available, one of the best one is a tool that will immediately show whether the person you fancy is online or not and also, with just one click you could be chatting with that person in seconds. As we are talking about paid membership, we should tell you that the above feature related to video chat is not available for free members, unfortunately.

Instant chat, multiple chat rooms to choose from and even video chat, all these come for premium members, at not such a big price for the features it brings. Moreover, this dating site has added some improvements to its features like better favourites, floating profile views, rich messages and success stories sharing.

If you are a single father or single mother searching for a romance in the UK, might be the answer you were looking for. Claiming to feature 378,068 members (at the moment we are reviewing this website), finding other alike members sharing your likes and interests, whether they are parents as well or not is not such a hard task anymore.