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One of Europe’s more famous dating sites is expanding pretty rapidly within the UK. The unique methodology that this site has adopted to match profiles by asking members to first fill in a personality questionnaire has enabled it to provide effective matching results to its members and is one of the primary reasons for its continued success.

The questionnaire takes the better part of 20 minutes to fill in, but is very critical to your quest in finding a suitable partner. You therefore need to make sure that you take it seriously and provide as accurate information as possible. This questionnaire was developed after an exhaustive research on human behavior by an eminently qualified doctor by the name Professor Hugo Schmale.

It just goes to show the extent that the site has gone to make sure that they put in place fundamentals that are guaranteed to give its members a very professional and efficient service and contribute towards finding an appropriate date. A member is able to find a compatible date quickly and with the confidence that the match has been scientifically engineered and that it is not just a random selection.

An idea of its efficiency was reflected in the over thousand potential matches that were thrown up when a member, having finished with his personality test and registration sought the help of the site in helping him find his date. Every one of those matches were matched against the personality test results and what’s more, each of them reflected the closeness of the match in percentage terms so that the member could take a decision on the next step of approaching a like minded personality best suited to his interests. Indeed as compared to the usual process of sifting through hundreds of profiles and then trying to find a match, this site simplifies the process making use of the personality test profiling technique. This unique feature of this site has helped many members find their dates pretty quickly and shows in the rapidly expanding membership of the site which boasts of over 4 million people as its members throughout Europe.

Other features include regular status updates to let people know you and your feelings better as well as make yourself get noticed and also a neatly designed display screen that tells you how many members have looked at your profile. But the one feature that is common with other sites like Dating Direct and is the 6 month guarantee that accompanies every subscription of half a year. Under this guarantee, the member is assured of making contact with a minimum of 10 members at Parship or he gets a free subscription for another 6 months absolutely free. Though this offer is not as elaborate and has relatively fewer advantages as opposed to the other two, it is still a benefit that is very useful to every member.

The only areas of improvement that the site must work on are the design of the site and the fact that they tend to automatically renew the subscription of members who happen to leave their account dormant for some time.