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Prince William Marries Kate Middleton

prince william and kate

This is a big day for all UK people and not only – the day marked by the marriage of future King of England Prince William and his girlfriend Kate Middleton is celebrated not only in London but also in any other part of the world. Thousands of invited guests, billion of people watching it on TV, all cameras pointed to the young lovers, all these make this marriage a historical one. After being in a relationship for 10 years, Price William and Kate will become one at the historical Cathedral of Westminster, with billion of people from all over the world eagerly waiting for the moment.

Although many people consider life of a Princess probably the most difficult one in terms of privacy and not only, this is an event that should make all singles re-consider their social status and try to find a romance now more than ever. There isn’t any other event that could make anyone wish their singleness to end here, at this point but also just by looking exactly where you should you can find your own Prince or Princess as well.

As with the future royal family, it took 10 years for the lovely couple to get married, time in which they knew themselves, they have loved and cared for each other, time that consolidated their relationship. Being single and watching these two persons getting married should not make you think you are alone, moreover, it should act like a small push forward in finding your love.

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