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Adultery Party by Married Dating Site

Adultery Party by Married Dating Site

Publicity Seeking Married Dating Site and Cheaton Close Herefordshire
One of the popular married dating site which markets itself as the world’s premier married dating site seem to be using loads of tricks to get people to talk about it. It once offered a well know TV personality who was alleged to have cheated on his wife £1,000.000.00 to be their spokes person, of course the personality declined but the offer was well covered.

The same affairs dating site has now staged another publicity generating stunt by offering to sponsor a Street party planed by the people of Leominster in Herefordshire to mark the Queen’s jubilee celebration which is to be held at a street called Cheaton Close.  Spokes person for the affairs dating agency was said to have made the offer to the resident association of the area where invited them to get to know their neighbour intimately.  Of course the association Delcine the offer.

The married dating site in question used to spend quite a lot on PPC online which it seem to have scale back considerably. I wonder if cheap tricks and offers like the one its been resorting to lately is more cost effective than advertising the dating site in the traditional ways serious businesses advertise their services rather than cheap but effective tricks. (Effective because the site’s offers was featured in the local press with its name mentioned, no publicity is bad publicity ehh?

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