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Even though the commonly known image of the motorcycle lover is the one of rebels, with lots of sexual partners, living a life full of drugs and so on, in the reality, things are way different: people are not messing around with their lives, they don’t change every night their partners, and not all of them are riding like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie “Terminator”. In fact, most of them are really nice people, and even more than that, among them, there are a lot of bike lovers who are really lonely. This is why was created, to help every single biker to find easier someone to date with.

And so far, it seems that is really successful: everyone who’s looking on their testimonial section can see for themselves a lot of successful stories of people who met there and got married after a while. Basically, that’s because creates a well designed community of bikers, community that simply sets its own rules.

When it comes to joining, no fee or payment is required, as the standard membership is given for free to everyone that wants to be a part of the community. The standard membership allows its users to benefit of most of the facilities that a regular site would offer, facilities like full access at the profiles, pictures, videos. Though, in order to contact a member (without just sending a wink, as this is the only feature that is allowed by the standard account), a Golden membership is required. The Golden membership can be bought instantly with most of the debit cards, and can monthly be renewed, of course, if the member is fully satisfied of the advantages offered by

Finally, what’s interesting at this site, is that the site is offering the same feeling of liberty as the motorcycle courses themselves. That’s because the users aren’t spammed with personality or compatibility tests, as the owners believe into the right of communicate freely with everyone from the site. This is why has become one of the top biker communities on the Internet, and why it will stay there, on top, for a long period of time.