Select Page – Dating for wealthy singles is not meant to be a place where poor men or women can meet big fish. is meant to connect wealthy people from all over the world, unlike the other dating sites.  And even if there are several other clones of this site spread all over the Internet, this was the first one of this type (according to their website), therefore it has the merit of having created a real online trend movement.

It is important for everybody to know that is a serious dating site, with hundreds of appearances at TV or in newspapers like “The Guardian” or “Now Magazine”.  As for the site, it is opened for registration only for the users from wealthy countries like USA, Canada, Germany and so on. And as the registration process is made out of 2 parts, the users that apply for an account on have to be older than 21, in order to access the second part of the registration. Now, if they users are not extremely wealthy and they do not necessarily want to meet a wealthy person, they have the option (in the second part of their registration) to choose which kind of people can contact them. Basically, the whole registration process takes no more than 5 minutes.

Obviously, in order to be a premium member on such a site, users have to upgrade their account for only $124.99 per year. However, if they do not want to spend all that money for a membership on a site, they also have the option of upgrading their accounts for a limited period (1 month or 3 months), so they can test it and decide whether they would like to continue or not.

As for the functionality of the site, from the reports of the member, everything goes fine with no hassles. The search engine works just fine (with the mention that whenever the users will make a search, they will see the premium account owners at the top of their search) as well as all the other features.

The best part about is the fact that when it comes to contacting other members, this can be done only via several email services and not using chat services or any instant messenger services. That’s perfect, especially for the people that want to choose whom to reply and whom to not reply. If you are a wealthy single searching for someone alike, can be a great opportunity for your needs.