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We have all seen the films, you know the ones where the tough men always get the girls. And remember those days at school, the bad guys always got the hottest girls. You felt they were not interested in you because these gorgeous girls always wanted the bad guys.

Confused yet?

Here’s the thing, the problem is that we like to work from stereotypes. You probably remember being told you had to grow up to be tough and strong. But the funny thing is on the other side you were told to be in touch with your sensitive side. Yes confusing isn’t it…

To make it even more confusing, ever seen a guy treating his girlfriends like crap, never phone them, always disrespectful but still have more and more girlfriends? Yes you better belief it, life is plainly unfair, or is it.

Is it nature at work, is it us, what has gone awry?

Let’s look at this scenario of the bad guys getting all the girls they want.
1) Bad guys are interesting
Girls like bad guys because they do interesting things. They do not follow the conventional; path of life as they generally use their own code of conduct. In other words they just do what they want, go where they want and in no way answer to anyone but themselves.

This makes them appear fascinating. Just follow the rules, do as you are being told and you will become dull. Straight guys are not interesting, but ‘mavericks’ are.

Bad guys are confident and self assured. They know what they want from life and don’t give a damn about what others think of them. They basically don’t need others to confirm who they are.

2) Bad guys are a challenge
We all love a challenge yes, so is it possible that women love a challenge more then they love boys? If something is a challenge, the end result must be worth it, right? These girls will do what ever it takes to solve their mysteries.

After all the hard work that has gone into it and finally conquered that challenge, there is no way they are going to let go. And it provides so much excitement and thrills. If there is a great change of loosing the bad guy the more effort they will put in to prevent this from happening.

So what is the lesson here?
Looking back at what we discussed above, what do all of those things equal? Guessed it yet, yes bad guys who are interesting equal sexiness. So now we understand why these types of men always get the girls they want. There you have it, raw attraction is just nature’s way.

It is how you see yourself that is really important. Start with increasing your confidence levels and excel in what you do best. Just be your own man within the confines of your working life. You’ll be surprised how quickly you get the bad boy confidence. And that attitude will boost your attractiveness.
This doesn’t mean you need to go around and act the bad guy. But it would help if you are more deliberate in your actions, make your self less available and be a bit more enigmatic. This will not just increase your attractiveness but also make you appear more interesting.

As you can see the dating game can be really complex. Go back to basics and figure out what potential women want to find in you. No matter where you live in the UK, if it is now getting in the Birmingham dating scene, the London dating scene or the Leeds dating scene, just changing a few of the things we discussed above will make a big difference to getting that girl.