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Online Dating in its traditional form was supposed to continue its phenomenal growth in its current form but according to online dating industry authority website Online Dating Insider, so far into 2011, a hybrid of social networking and online dating is currently stealing the show.

Excerpt from the article follows:
Given the dearth of dating sites trying to take advantage of a presence on Facebook, its is amazing to see a site like Badoo crushing it in terms of popularity, seemingly coming from nowhere to outpace social dating sites like Are You Interested and Zoosk. has grown to 100 million users, 4 million daily users and 32 million monthly users.

The primary issue with Badoo is one of definition. Badoo is a social network that has a presence on Facebook and enables people to talk to each other about anything, including dating. Is that social dating? You be the judge.

Casual dating sites are a large and lucrative market that make up a decent amount of revenue in the dating industry. There is money to be made, but OTOH, just survey your friends and ask how many of them have connected on a social dating site. People try them tend not to stick around long enough to be considered active users.

The high churn rate, brand perception, lack of customer service, fake-ness of many of the profiles and overall quality of the people on the sites are the primary detractors, yet the market segment continues to grow.

The dichotomy couldn’t be any clearer between traditional dating sites and social dating on Badoo. Badoo is a social network that has a presence on Facebook. Its not really a dating site, because its far too social/casual. There is nothing wrong with this, but I wouldn’t go so far as to call this social dating.

The majority of people on Badoo have Spanish-speaking profiles. The service feels somewhat spammy and overall the user experience is middle of the road. Reminds me of Orkut.

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