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Speed Dater

Speed Dater

In the area of speed dating, one site that has managed to catch the attention of everybody is  It launched its speed dating services in 2002 and has followed up its success with the launch of Speeddateronline. At that time, the folks behind this site wanted to bring to visitors the same experience that they managed when they began with the speed dating service called Speed Dater. Its runaway success meant that people who would otherwise not visit dating sites on their own for various reasons, found it extremely convenient to visit the speed dating site as they could get very encouraging and quick responses. It was thus logical for the people behind Speeddateronline to bank on a similar response when they launched Speeddateronline and made a foray into online dating.

This site is unique in the sense it combines dating online as well as speed dating excitement by offering both these features. A member is thus exposed to a varied range of events and with regular promotional offers that are released by the site in the form of discount vouchers, participating in such events works out to be very stimulating for the member. The events which include both singles and group parties enable members to reach across to other like minded members of the site and find that special somebody. They include ski holidays, cycling days and short breakaway holidays. The site goes a step further and even offers free event participation to any member who is unable to find his partner during one of the events. These events are organised in sophisticated and up market bars taking into view its member profile and held practically every night, making it a very unique offering from a dating site in terms of the frequency of the events. The site offers a good choice of venues to its members and that indicates its concern and care it has towards its members. Many members have had good things to say about these parties and this has contributed a great deal to the popularity of the site.

The site offers some standard features like the free profile creation online, the facility to upload a maximum of three photos and a good search feature to check out other member profiles. The site is ideal for singles and the advantage is that you only need to create one profile to be featured on both Speed Dater and Speeddateronline. It has a good visual appeal and is easy to navigate. The free 48 hour trial period gives you enough time and opportunity to check out the site in detail by creating your profile, uploading your photos and send some flirty messages to other members you fancy. Beyond this period, you need to pay to read and send messages.

For those very conscious of their privacy, the site enables blocking of unwanted messages from members you do not fancy and also ensures that your details are not known to everybody if you do not desire so.

This site is a good site and can only get better with more features added to it.