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Sports Dating, when being fit is part of the love equation

The traditional love and dating story rely very much on the heart, a man and a woman’s eye just meets across a hall or something, the live each other instantly, fall in love, get married and live happily ever after. Online dating is a more calculating way to find love, not only do you fill out long detailed form about yourself and the kind of man or woman you are looking for, you also have the option to actually skip a general dating site and register at a niche dating site. If you fancy fat people, you can register at BBW dating sites, if you are one colour and fancy women or men of a different colour, you can register at a dating site that caters for that niche. There is and awful lot of niches out there, one, which is not that popular, but its gaining increasing popularity by the day is Sports Dating.

Sports Dating goes by other names, mostly more specific names such as such as athletic dating, fitness dating, golf dating and names of popular sports with the word dating added as a post fix. Sports dating nice also extends to those who just love to exercise or keep fit without doing any specific sort, the assumption is that if you use the gym often enough, you are bound to be fit and sporty.

A UK dating site blog was recently set up; you can guess the name easily; Sports Dating. The site aim to attract members who are physically ft and love to date other physically fit people. The site is a part of a much larger network of sites hence though it’s new, it already boasts of millions of members. There really is nothing new or outstanding about the site, it features most of the usual features you can find at an average dating site such as:
Advance search form to help you narrow down the fitness single you are looking for.
Instant messaging
Chat service
Blog and dairies
Virtual gifts
Personality profiling

Though the site is now bringing anything significantly new or revolutionary to the dating market, its still worth checking out.