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You are successful in your career, secure financially and looking for similar partners for a satisfying and successful relationship. You have tried dating sites and have failed to meet people of similar caliber and wavelength and are very keen to meet people who enjoy a lifestyle that is way above the average.

Well, one site that has been in this field for over seven years and brings to the table a professional and time tested dating service is This site was set up purely to meet the aspirations of people like you and help you to come across high quality members. The site has helped several individuals forge strong social networks and besides assisting members find partners that even culminate in marriage, offers dating advice that is respected and appreciated.

The site has been discussed on the Dr Phil Show as well as on The Richard and Judy Show and has gained enormous respect as a dating site matching wealthy individuals to their satisfaction. The success of the site is due to the high quality database of its members who are millionaires, respected professionals in various fields, models and others who are looking for a qualitative difference in the way dating is done.

Some of the other positive features of the site in addition to the ones already mentioned are:

* The site does not believe in automatically renewing memberships. They always check with the members about their intention and only then go ahead with the renewal. This has been perceived to be a very irritating practice in other dating sites and members are willing to trust this site much more than the others due to this. The problem of recurring charges is thus not faced by the members.
* For people in the UK, this site is the best choice since it is already very popular due to its track record and visibility.
* They come out with special offers from time to time and the current one is a one week membership at a very low entry price.
* The search option is an excellent one allowing members to search as per the latest members who have enlisted, members who have added you to their hotlist and access to all parts of a particular member’s profile.
* High quality database of members
* Wide geographical presence covering the UK, US, Canada and Australia.
* Excellent testimonials from members of both sexes borne out of their experience in finding a partner of their choice.
* Simple registration process where the authenticity of the member is checked by the user password being sent by email. The site lays great stress on a proper introduction from the member including social habits and that goes a long way in helping people seek the match of their choice.

The site has other offerings that are available upon payment of membership fees for both standard and premium services. These are in the form of chat sessions with other members, participating in message forums and also participating in events organised by the site for members to meet.

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