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There are plenty of dating websites online today, from free to paid subscription, and those which cover all manner of niches, and as such, the intrepid ‘online dater’ is becoming more careful about where they sign up to find love.

One very attractive option online today is Swoon. Swoon has the catchy name, colourful logo and colour scheme and the layout works very well with a user friendly interface.

What’s Different?

Swoon have really thought about the market they’re aiming for, and they want to show users that they are investing time and effort into ensuring their members do actually find love rather than just a quick fling. The Swoon team have recruited the advice and talents of relationship therapist Trevor Silvester.

The idea of having an internationally recognised relationship therapist on board is a great idea.
Their registration process allows Swoon to give members a psychological insight into their world, which they hope will make it easier to match you with a successful date.

As Swoon writes in their website:

“When you’ve registered we will provide you with your ‘Swoon Appeal’. This will give you some insight into you that we hope you will find interesting. Then when you search through other dating profiles well give you some hints and tips on how to hit it off on a first date.”

Swoon is also up to date with the world of social networking with profiles on facebook, twitter and google plus. This all helps to create a trustworthy face for the potential single to engage in more than simply searching for a face. They also offer dating advice and tips which should help their members to achieve dating success.

Worth A Try?

From first glances there are no real down sides to this dating site, the owners have put thought and time into creating a welcoming and open portal where users can gain useful information and search for a partner with similar interests and tastes.

There are examples of successful dates on the home page of the website, which may instil some confidence in prospective members. This is always a good sign provided the testimonials are genuine, and these do seem well written and thought out.

Swoon is free to join so we definitely think it’s worth giving this nifty little dating site a try, even if it’s just to compare the quality to other dating sites on the market, be prepared to take a little time to complete your ‘Swoon Appeal’ but in all this may be worth it even to get your test results on your character, this may even help in other dating situations.