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Taste Buds - Free online dating – Find singles with passion for music

On seeing for the first time, two contradictory questions come to mind; why has it taken so long for someone to come up with a dating site in this niche given the strong links between music, romance and love. After all there are several love and music related sayings such as ”music is the food of love” and most couples tend to have “our song” which is usually a piece of music that binds them together or reminds them of their love.
The second question is; there is already an awful lot of dating sites in almost every niche you can imagine, why Music preferences is always one of the options you use in almost all dating sites to find a matching date anyway. Well, you can find your own answer to any or both of the questions.

Being musicians, it is not difficult to see how Alex Parish and Julian Keenaghan could have thought of a website that brings music loving singles together, strong likeness for a particular kind of music tends to go with a certain lifestyle, which could be a potent basis for finding a suitable date. Not completely convinced of their argument that existing dating websites fail to match people effectively by their mutual interests, there are hundreds of websites are doing that very effectively. uses API to register you, this is an excellent way to get you started without filling the long winded profile form most dating sites insist you complete. For potential users like this author who does not have a account, you are giving the option to use the old fashioned registration form, the form is short and effective getting you registered as quickly as possible.

One of the best features of is its user interface, it is probably the best site I have come across as far as use interface is concerned. JavaScipt perhaps Ajax script is used to design a very neat interface which presents you only form/questions that apply to you once you select an action, this makes the site and the user experience very pleasant. You can also use a scroll bar and sliders to choose your gender, the gender of the person you wish to meet and perform other tasks. Based on the originality of the user experience environment design only, will score 10 out of 10.

If the type of music a man or woman listens to features very highly on the list of desirable attributes you look for in a partner, is the dating site for you. The dislike of completing excessively long forms before you can join a dating site is another reason singles looking for love online will love, not to mention the fact that the site is free of charge. Another reason you may want to join the website is because it was founded by two musicians who play in a band called “Year of Rice and Salt” and they call the site Taste Buds, you bet you will find a dishy guy or gal there! is fantastic but like any website it can improve. Using GEO IP locator can help eliminate the need to ask potential members what country they reside in. The site is mainly aimed at young audiences who may find it okay to call women girls and men boys, a forty-something year old man (like this author) using a slider that says ‘looking for girls’ could feel he is in the wrong website.

Join free of charge and find out more information about at their webite: .