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Online dating profile tweaks

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Most of the times, when registering to an online dating site people make some big mistakes when creating their dating profile. From not using the proper photos to using a not such attractive description, all these can definitely be improved in order to get better results when trying to find a romance.

Here are some great tweaks a single person can use when creating its dating profile, tweaks that will definitely improve the way he appears in front of potential partners.

1.      Use words that attract women

Of course, you might say that you cannot guess what a woman is searching at a guy however most of the times mentioning words like “I like going to gym”, “Great man in kitchen” or “Like to keep my house clean” (of course, in the appropriate context) will definitely attract more responses from women who, in the end, are all searching for a good-looking and “helpful” guy.

2.      Be funny

Whenever you send a message to someone or get into a private conversation over instant messaging (features that most of the dating sites are now offering) try to use a “funny opening text”: say something about her profile, about her picture, about yourself, anything that could act as a perfect ice-breaker. Don’t forget to stay under a limit and do not be rude!

3.      Keep your profile fresh

Don’t just register and visit your profile once at 2 months. Be active, change often your profile and let potential partners see that you are constantly searching for someone. If you have became a member 1 year ago but you did not login in the last 6 months it looks like you are not totally interested or maybe you have already found someone for your heart.

4.      Choose the perfect photo

Indeed, no one can know exactly what picture will be more interesting for other members but one simple trick can reveal this with no hassles: change the picture as often as possible, like at 1-2 months. Always select a photo that best represent you and see which one is getting more responses from other singles. Once you’ve got your “gem” use it on other dating sites as well and see the contacts flowing in!