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The perfect Valentine for your lesbian date

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you’ve probably started thinking about the perfect gift to get for your lesbian date.  If the two of you have recently started dating, you may not feel you know her well enough to find just the right present.  Here are some suggestions to ensure that you make your date feel appreciated on this special day.

First, if you find yourself doing any type of window shopping or strolling through the stores between now and February 14th, watch your date carefully for any clues she may give you as to the types of things she likes.  She may be dropping subtle hints and it’s up to you to pick up on them.  Another technique you can try is to pick up an item and simply ask her if she likes it. Engage her in conversation about particular item so you can get a clearer sense of where her tastes lie.

If you don’t want to risk buying her something she may not like, you can surprise her with a quiet dinner for two and a romantic night at home. If you’ve got the cooking gene, whip up a scrumptious meal; add candlelight, soft music and a bouquet of flowers and you’ll have one very happy girl on your hands.  Romancing your lesbian partner is never the wrong approach.  Everyone is a sucker for a little romance, especially on Valentine’s Day, and if you make her feel special by preparing her favorite foods, indulging her with wine and a chocolate dessert, this may very well be the best Valentine’s Date you’ve ever had. But if cooking is not your thing, then find a romantic restaurant that will allow you to share a quiet and intimate meal with one another.

Many people find the whole idea of Valentine’s Day a bit corny, and it has become more commercial in recent years. However, you can have your own fun with the day by simply being together.  Particularly if this is a new relationship, you may want to spend the day by participating in a mutually compatible activity.  Go bike-riding or sailing or rock climbing. Any of these activities can be fun as well as romantic if you’re with someone you really enjoy being with.

And for those of you single gals who won’t have a date for this year’s Valentine’s Day, all is not lost.  It’s not too late. More and more lesbian dating websites are popping up and there are some wonderful women out there just waiting to meet you.  So there is no need to pop in a frozen dinner and feel sorry for yourself on February 14th.  Go online, fill out a profile and find the woman of your dreams.  Go ahead.  She’s out there and she’s waiting for you!

This article was written for Top UK Dating Sites by Debbie Lamedman of Lesbian Dating Website .