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Top Dating Tips

Top Dating Tips

Online dating really can be a fun and potentially life changing activity but you need to make sure to implement a few safety precautions to ensure your success. So if you are still looking for that special person, then hopefully these common sense online dating safety tips will get you started on the right foot with your local online dating endeavors.
Listen to Your Instincts
When an individual seems to be too good to be true then it probably is. Only initially communicate by e-mail and start looking for weird behaviour or even inconsistencies. You should ask yourself if he is a player, maybe he seems ‘Mr. right’ now and doesn’t look like it’s for the long term?

If there is anything that causes you to feel uncomfortable, just stop communicating for your own safety and protection.
Always Safeguard Your Personal Information
Firstly you need to make sure your computer is 100% secure so none of your info can be at risk. Secondly it is essential to choose a good password. Otherwise your account could easily be hijacked or worse, it could be used for ID theft as well.
Thirdly make sure to choose reputable dating service as this will provide you with even more safequards. Research carefully and choose a dating website that is not only right for you but also provides you with a certain amount of peace of mind.
Stop Communicating if He or She Has Excuse After Excuse for not Meeting
This is mainly common sense really. If the person you are communicating with is not reliable as he comes up with excuse after excuse to not meet up then move on. You are a great person and deserve to be treated with respect. There will be lots of great potential partners out there.
Make Sure to Use an Anonymous EMail Account for Dating Emails
Always be sure to use an anonymous email account for online dating, which is separate from any personal or work email accounts you may have. This way you only get emails in that account regarding your online dating which helps to keep track and delete unwanted info.
Never use your real name in email accounts you setup and have signatures switched off for maximum email safety. But some dating services provide now the communication tools anyway, like chat, instant messaging etc.

Perform a Background and Google Check
The majority of the internet dating services don’t have any criminal background checks for their members in place. For example by using search engines like Google, asking various questions when appropriate, or just using common sense allows for a great way to get useful information.
For the First Date Always Meet in a Public Place
The first and most basic rule is to meet in a public place for the first time. Never invite him or her to your home, or go to his or her home. If anything may go wrong it definitely will work in your favour.
Always be sure before meeting to tell friends and family where you meet and what time you will be back. It is good practice to provide them with the name and number of the person you meet. And NEVER get your date to pick you up from your home.

Oh and remember…’Dress to Impress’.