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ThePinkSofa review

pink sofa lesbian dating

The can be considered as the heaven of bisexual/gay women. In fact, the whole site was designed specially for the lesbians all over the United Kingdom, and even more, the purpose of the site is to help the lesbian singles to find someone suitable for them.

Basically, the sites offers 2 types of memberships: the first one is for the regular members, members that aren’t required to pay anything, and the second one that is a paid membership, membership that allows its users to enjoy of all the features offered by to the premium members.

When it comes to the free membership, the non paying members are offered free access to the chat rooms and to the forums, but they can not send anything else but canned messages. On the other hand, if they choose to buy their membership and become premium members, they are offered all the features: they can enter the chat rooms and send messages to their desired members, as well as they can tag their favorite profiles or even to see if their friends are online or not.

Of course, if it comes to the navigation through ThePinkSofa, the whole site is designed is such a manner that allows even the average internet users to manage through the different menus of the site without any problems. The interesting fact about this site is the fact that it was designed by lesbians, therefore all the features and even the registration is specially designed for this community. For example, whenever a new member tries to register, they are being asked specific information about their sexual preferences, preferences that can be – depending from case to case – butch, femme, lipstick lesbian, leather or just androgynous.

As for the support, the members can access the forums, forums that have already been filled with pre-answered questions and of course, if their problem or question can not found on the site, then they can ask for help directly from the staff of