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Nowadays it seems that people not so beautiful as others face lots of disadvantages, whether we are talking about the place in society or when it comes to choosing a partner to share their lives with. Even though they might have a chance with some other « aesthetically challenged » people, ugly people usually don’t have confidence in them so that they can do the first move and go with the relation one step further.

This is where comes into the spotlights. As all people deserve someone to share joy and sadness in their life, this website seems to have the solution. Basically, this is an online dating site only for ugly people. Right from the homepage, the website showcases 5 ugly truth about dating, an interesting reading for those who want to become members.

Everybody can register to this website, of course, everybody considering themselves ugly people, but in the end, « beauty is in the eyes of the beholder » so what one might consider ugly, others might consider beautiful. This is also available for their first ugly couple that got engaged after just four dates and planned their wedding in December.

This website is available in five countries – UK, USA, Canada, Australia and Ireland and when first visiting it one should choose the country he lives in and then he/she will be transfered to the registration page. Registering is easy and free, as well as photos and profiles’ browsing. Their approach is unique while they give the possibility to aesthetically challenged people to find that special one they have always dreamed about.

So forget about the past and look for a brighter future with – the online dating site for ugly people.