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Something refreshingly novel has been launched in the internet space. The concept is called “The Thread” and it is totally different from the various dating and social networking sites that dominate the web.

The concept believes in linking people through a common thread built on the Face Book platform whereby you can get connected to not only all your known contacts online but also to people whom your friends are connected to, thereby forming a big web of connections. What’s more you will be able to see these connections on screen and even sort them according to gender.

This site does not require you to fill up boring and exhaustive questionnaires or quizzes and relies purely on your own revelation of friends whom you wish to be shown as connected to you. It is then up to you to request those friends to mention about the contacts they want to be shown as being linked to them and that is how the sequence goes on till you have a wide network of absolute strangers coming together under one site and linked to each other through the thread of familiarity.

Match making is possible by forwarding profiles of individuals you feel would be ideal for your friend and if your friend is positive about it, then you could arrange for a meeting. Introducing people online is thus very convenient through such a site.

As far as privacy is concerned, the settings are pretty much similar to Face Book and it is entirely up to you as to what you want people to see. The single most advantage of such a site is the authenticity of the screening service since the group is formed by people known to each other.

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