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When it comes to online dating one of the most important factors in snagging a date is by writing a great profile.  If you only write a few sentences, give basic information and a cruddy photo of yourself then there is nothing that makes you stand out from the rest.  Without great information to make up your profile, people will simply pass through your profile.  IS that how you want to begin your online dating experience?

There are a few tips for writing a great profile which will give you an incredible advantage over your competition without lying about yourself:

1.       Think about what you are going to write before you write your profile.  You can even write down a list before you type it up of everything you enjoy doing, what makes you different and your interests.  Then you can organize these thoughts so that you have one cohesive profile that flows nicely when you type it up.  Think hard about what makes you different.  Do you speak any other languages?  Have you travelled outside of the country?  Some of the things that we take for granted can be some of our greatest attributes.  Ask a friend what he/she thinks is different about you in case you may have looked over some things.

2.       Use descriptive words.  Try to jazz up your profile by using descriptive words.  This will make your profile interesting to read and it will stand out from other profile’s that have no flavor.  Make sure that you do not use overly sophisticated vocabulary.  The reason for this is because many people find that people who use sophisticated language in their profile are quite pompous which can be an automatic dislike for many people. Be descriptive not arrogant.

3.       You may have a lot of information in your profile so you want to cut it down.  You want to leave some information for when you actually begin to speak with your date.  For this reason, you should only pick out the most important facts and write about them.  Your profile should be short but informative.  Many people skip reading through long profiles because they tend to have a lot of information and it’s boring.  Keep your profile short and a little mysterious as this will intrigue many people to get to know you better.

4.       Be truthful.  You do not have to lie about yourself when you write up your profile. Everyone has defining characteristics that make you special.  If you lie about being a music producer, it will be quite obvious on your first date that you are not.  Online dating is about starting anew.  Don’t begin your new start off with lies.  You want someone to love you for being yourself so do not write a great profile that pertains to someone else.

Online dating is a wonderful experience.  Get started today by using these tips for writing a great profile.  You will see that over time, you will have more and more potential dates contacting you.
Article was written by guest blogger, Allison Schleck of Dating Site