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Statistics indicate that 48% of single women and 52% of single men from UK turned to internet in order to find a date and from those currently single, 46% women respectively 59% men intend to try the services of an online dating website. If you are part from the second category, you could really use some guidance so you will try your luck on some of the most effective specialized websites from UK.

Be aware however, the Top 5 that is about to be presented below is not going to be about the famous giants, such as eHarmony or Match, but about new experiences. We all know both the benefits and the costs that come together with these leading websites, yet we also know that the key to successfully ending this journey of dating online is diversity and versatility.


Why you should refrain from going for the big fishes?


  • They actually narrow down your options – many subscribers are puzzled or discouraged of not being approached and leave their services
  • They force your hand to spend more than you should as they make serious money from offering you their services
  • Wherever there are too many subscribers there will also be considerably more people looking to take advantage of you so the odds for negative experiences increase


Why focus instead on smaller dating websites?


  • Smaller does not mean lower quality
  • The fees they perceive for similar services are considerably lower
  • They allow connections in between people with common interests, many of them targeting a niche


So we invested time and efforts into analyzing numerous online dating websites from this second category and we came with the following recommendations for you:


#1 Best UK Dating Website –


Our number one choice was launched on the market in 2002 and was initially a project solely designed for Londoners. However, they are now one of the most popular choices for singles in the entire United Kingdom and here are some of the things that caught our eye from the very beginning:


  • it reunites singles from Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England, with Birmingham, Bristol, Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow, Cardiff and Edinburgh being just a few of them;
  • its services include, besides the main dating website, numerous blogs, specialized forums and a section of dating advices that teach you how to make the best from an online dating experience
  • it comes with free registration and a simple profile form
  • it provides special keywords for searching potential dates and virtual gifts to offer to other members
  • it even offers you an icebreaker tool to do the hard work when you have no idea how to approach someone
  • it helps you find a match and it also awards you when sharing your happy ending love story

You really need to try this one.


#2 Sports Dating

Sports Dating

With sports being one of the most popular leisure activities in the United Kingdom and 64% of singles searching for love online finding common interests a perfect base to start a friendship and then a relationship, we found Sports Dating to be a second best choice. A second one because it somehow narrows a little bit the preoccupations that users joining in there have, yet still a best because of the following features:


  • it is divided in groups of subscribers passionate about 40 different sports, which is even more than the number of sports from the Olympic Games, including even disability sport
  • it has members all across the United Kingdom
  • it comes with free registration
  • it gives you access to a blog with sports news, outstanding events, useful advices to help you with practicing a sport
  • it is incredibly easy to use


#3 Flirt Online

Flirt Online

We have included Flirt Online in this Top 5 because of its outstanding initiative in terms of online dating, which is flirting, and it earned the third place simply because part of the singles that look for online dating are interested in taking things very into serious from the very beginning. But if you are a playful single who first wants to have fun and test flirting skills before convincing that you have found true love, you really need to:


  • sign up for free
  • use all the funny applications such as virtual gifts, winks and ice breakers
  • access their blog and learn new tricks to improve your skills with regards to maintaining a good quality relationship

#4 Parents Dating

Parents Dating

With two million single parents living in Britain, we figured that at least the fourth position of this top should be addressed to them. And the best dating website for singles that have children appears to be this one. So feel free to:


  • sign up for free
  • write your own blog and interact with other single parents who are passionate about writing and sharing experiences
  • personalize your profile with a video

#5 Horse Lovers Dating

Horse Lovers Dating

All genuine Britain people know how popular is horse riding in the United Kingdom, hence this Horse Lovers Dating website our fifth choice. While it is somehow related to our second best choice, which was Sports Dating, it obviously narrows down the field more precisely. If you love riding and countryside too and you prefer going to a straight source instead of “surfing” through thousands of sports passionate, then you need to:


  • register for free and fill in your profile to find singles compatible with you
  • read the periodic updates with the newest members that you are provided with
  • access their non dating websites and advertise whatever horse, sports or farm events you want


All these being said, are you ready to make the most inspired choice to help you find love on the internet?