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Top UK Dating Site for Best Dating Websites in 2017

Online dating platform on the Internet and mobile phone is slowly, but surely eroding most of the traditional dating methods. Navigating the complex dating platform options available to online dating users can be complex. Top UK Dating Site aim to simplify the online dating jungle, with a review and rating of the best dating sites and dating apps on the market. We work a year ahead, so the site review and rating within this post, is for of the best dating websites and apps in 2017.

Best dating website reviews & much more

In addition to bringing you a review of some of the best online dating websites in the UK. Top UK Dating Site also publish articles on relationship and dating. Some of our articles delve into the complexities of various types of relationships, from straight forward relationship between two single individuals, to the slightly more complex relationship between a single parent dating a man or a woman who does not have a child. We also publish juicy dating and relationship news. We love to hearing from our readers. Please feel free to comment on any article you find engaging.

The rise and rise of dating sites and dating apps

The meteoric rise of online dating websites has significantly changed the way we court, date and even flirt days. In addition to the fact that technology made contacting people easier, the affordability and simplicity of use has made Internet dating far more popular than other forms of dating.

Online dating first found popularity with nerds and the geeks. Partly because nerds and geeks tend to be on the cutting edge of new technologies. However, they are also known for their chronic shyness, when it comes to chatting up the opposite sex. The relative anonymity offered by online dating at the courting stages, makes it a platform geeks and shy people find easy to use.

The success of anything new, tends to be followed by enormous complexity. The success of the online dating platform, makes choosing the best dating site more complex than it should be. Unravelling the complexity associated with selecting a website to find a partner is one of the things we hope Top UK Dating Site will achieve.

Going by some of the feedbacks we received from users of Top UK Dating Site, big brand online dating websites are not necessarily the best dating site in the UK. Being a big brand certainly indicated they are rich and have a good marketing budget, the question is, are they the best site to help you find love?

A paradigm shift in the way we date

The aspect of traditional dating most affected, if not entirely cannibalise by the success of online dating, is the “Lonely Hearts” section of classified ads in local newspapers. In the early days of online dating, many of the lingos and abbreviations use by lonely heart ads in the newspaper industry, transferred on to the online dating platform. The coming of age of online dating has seen it evolved its own distinct dating lingo.

Fancy lingo is not what has made the online dating industry successful, its ability to make dating fun, easy and widely accessible, helped it establish itself as the most popular method for finding a new love. In the heydays of lonely hearts classified ads, adverts do not travel beyond the locality the local newspaper circulates. Online dating on the other hand, can take a dating advert to a much wider audience locally or nationwide.

Another interesting revolution online dating has made possible, is the ability to publicise niches that may have been difficult to advertise in newspapers, such as casual adult dating, dating for married people and a raft of other niches mainstream media may baulk at advertising.

Steps to creating a winning dating profile when seeking serious relationship from an online dating site

Despite the wide use of online dating sites, millions of people are using it for the first time. Many of the singles new to using online dating to find a serious relationship tend to be mature singles, who are coming out of a long term relationship and dipping their toes in online dating as a way of finding a partner for a new long term serious relationship.

If you are one of such mature dating novice, here are a few simple steps to help you create a wining dating profile.

1. Take your time to create a detailed dating profile. Creating a “stub” dating profile with little information and few or no pictures will not get much response. Profiles with pictures get 10 time more response than profiles with no pictures.

2. When you start get reaction to you profile, establish ground rules before chatting. Respond to other singles with the desired traits you are looking for in a partner.

3. Be prepared to wait for the right person. If the vibe you are getting about the person on the other side of a chat is not right, don’t proceed to a face-to-face date.

4. Be polite to all the people you encounter on a dating site, even if there is no likelihood of the messaging, chat or other interaction progressing beyond the dating site.

5. Be who you are in real life on a dating site. Take your time, meeting the right person may take some time. Just like finding someone for a serious relationship in real life often takes time.

Serious dating sites is where you find a serious date

Quite a lot of people use Facebook to find a date. On Top UK Dating Site Facebook page, we often get post saying “I am looking for a man for a serious date”. There is a big problem with a woman seeking a serious date on a post about adult dating. It is just the wrong place to look for a serious date. If a man or a woman seek a serious date, he or she should visit a dating site that position itself on the serious dating niche of the online dating industry.
To make finding a serious date easy for singles such as the one making posts like the aforementioned one. Top UK Dating Site has compiled a list of some of the most popular dating sites for singles seeking a man or a woman for a serious relationship.