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UK Online Dating Directories

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Among the latest rumours related to Internet marketing we found one quite interesting – online directories do not have anymore the authority that they used to have some years ago. On the other hand, from what some link building experts claim, it seems that the directories are still working, but mostly when it comes to niche targeted ones: for example, it’s much easier to rank a niche website using small but valuable niche directories rather than trying to rank it using huge lists of general website directories, auto-approve directories or even big directories that most of the times have tens of thousands of listings already.

Let’s take, for example, the popular online dating niche. It is way much easier to get high rankings with the help of an online dating directory and moreover, it is an affordable method of getting laser-targeted traffic. Even more than that, some of directories are offering geo-targeted traffic for free (those that are not requiring a monthly/yearly fee) and this cannot be obtained too often without paying important amounts of money. As with our above example, if you own a dating website targeting English singles and get a listing in an UK dating directory you are getting a geo-targeted one-way link that is far more valuable than a listing in a popular, but general directory.

But more important than the above advantages is the fact that the site that is submitted, if it is gets approved, gets a powerful one-way relevant link that in most of the cases is non reciprocal. Now, most of the people tend to submit their websites to all the major directories and they tend to ignore the small niche ones. That is because there is the common belief that big directories are the only ones that are offering exposure, link juice and authority, fact that isn’t 100% true due to the large numbers of sites already submitted on each category, thus the link juice getting diluted. The key to getting maximum exposure from the directories is to list your site(s) into the small, but targeted ones. As the directories are getting easily trust from Google and a high page rank (which in the end should definitely not be the “Nirvana” when searching for links), it is no doubt that being among the few sites that are listed as resources offers the advantage of getting much more exposure to the targeted traffic, fact that it is most important after all while it translates into more sales.

Moreover, as you may have seen, some directories are offering sponsored listings, listings that put the site in a position of maximum exposure, on top of the regular websites. What are the advantages of paying such a listing on a small targeted directory? First of all, the link juice is much more powerful due to the fact that the link is placed higher on that very page and the visitors tend to visit more often sponsored sites than in the case of regular listings.

In the end, it is up to each dating site owner what marketing strategy they are using for their site, but the above method is definitely something to add to their everyday strategy.