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UK Dating Industry forecast for 2011

UK Dating Industry forecast for 2011One of the most exciting programmes on TV for children over the holiday period was Narnia. There was various versions of it on BBC iPlayer including the Disney version. If you have not read the CS Lewis’s book or watch Narnia, what links this post and Narnia is the prophesy (or forecast as businesses prefer to refer to estimates). Well, when the humans arrived in Narnia, the prophesy said that will be the beginning of the end of the reign of terror the ice queen had over parts of Narnia.

Well, in the UK dating industry, there was a prophesy too (or a forecast if you like) that in 2011 (which is a few days away) there will be 15 million singles in United Kingdom and Internet dating will be the predominant way of meeting a new partner. The prophesy continues that the explosion of singles will push the online dating industry to a new high. This expected new all time high in 2011 will push turnover from online dating industry to 1 billion Pound.

Online dating and matchmaking are expected to lead the way in bringing people together, the traditional method such as chatting people up in bars or club is said to become less popular, speed dating is also expected to experience a decline.

Of the two dating methods that is expected to prosper most in 2011, online dating has the edge over matchmaking. In a survey, matchmaking was said to be as popular as online dating but because matchmaking is significantly more expensive than online dating, online dating has the edge. That leave the coast clear for online dating to do far better than all the other methods in 2011.