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Dating Site January ‘Sale’ £1 for 6 months membership

I supposed you can call it January Sale if you can call discount from online dating sites a sale but a few dating websites are offering their members opportunity to sign up for 6 months just for £1. The offer which started around the 2nd of January 2012 and end 22nd of January give new members a significant discount on membership. The offer apply across various dating niches. Find information and sign up page for some of the sites offering this discount in what they call a once in a lifetime discount offer.

Dating Sites Offering £1 for 6 months membership in January 2012

Parents Dating – This specialist site for single parents is offering membership to new members for the above price provided you sign up and upgrade your membership to premium by the 22nd of January 2012.

Come Get Me Im Yours – Im your is one of the so called general dating site, the reason it seem to be called that is that people of all ages and all backgrounds are welcome to sign up.

Horse Lovers Dating – The name of this site seem to suggest that its only for people who ride horse or love horse, but its more than that. Singles who live on the countryside or love the countryside are also welcomed. Its one of the sides doing the £1 premium membership in January 2012.

Flirt Online – This site is geared toward young trendy city dwellers and metrosexuals. Its not just a dating site, members can also flirt with other members. Membership is draw from across the United Kingdom.

Sports Dating – Well, fit is a well know slang for good looking. Members of Sports Dating take the word fit into a new real because in addition to being fit as in the slang look good, you actually need to be physically fit to be a members. Most of the members there are active people who do sports or engage in fitness activities at least 3 times a week. You need to be an active person to enjoy your membership of sports dating.

Singles Dating London – This is a site just for singles in London who wants to use online dating to meet a new partner. In January 2012, you can sign up to be a member of this fantastic niche dating site just for £1.

Singles Dating Wales – This is another regional dating site, this time for the good people of Wales. Meet that special person regardless of the part of Wales you come from in their January sale.

Saucy Dates – For those who are not necessarily looking for long term relationship of romance Saucy Dating may do the tricks for you. This is a site for those you are looking for casual dating that does not involve long term commitment. You can join their site just for £1 in January 2012.