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Veggie Dates – Not as vegetarian as it claimed

The evolution of dating sites from one glove fit all model of the general dating sites to niche dating site that caters for special interest such as lifestyle for example sports dating, vegetarian dating and horse lovers dating. Other sites cater for sexual orientation for example gay dating sites, lesbian dating sites.

If you sign up to one of these sites you would expect the site to do what it says on the tin, that was not the experience of some of the users of a site that claimed to be a vegetarian dating site when most of its members were found to be meat eaters. The complaint to the advertising standards agency by a vegetarian who ended up meeting only meat eaters at the site was upheld when the site admitted that most of its members are meat eaters.

The site Veggie Dates which is powered by White Label Dating is not unique in the way it claimed what it does not deliver. White Label Dating database is basically divided into adult and regular dating, their partners such as the operator of Veggie Dates who set up website using a template can then implement filters that is supposed to help website operators niche the site using filters that then help the site operator to pull members with a certain attributes for example BBW, Black, sports and other .

Some White Label dating partners either do not know how to implement the filters properly and sometime the limitation of the filter makes niche site impossible hence vegetarian profile are probably muddled with meat eaters profiles.

The complaint against Veggie Dates as upheld as ASA pointed out misleading claims on the website. The website agreed that part of its homepage can be ambiguous and has changed its main USP from being mainly targeted at vegetarian and vegans to “”single people who lead a healthy lifestyle”.