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Adult and naughty dating niche are known for the low customer satisfaction level from their customers, it is in fact rumoured that that is one of the reasons Gumtree discontinued its dating section.
One of the causes of such high level of dissatisfaction is the ration of women to men at adult dating site where both men and women pay for full membership, the number of men usually grossly outnumbers women sometimes by as much as 20:1.

A spokesperson for Very Naughty said the ration of men to women in its database is just like the industry’s average. To redress the balance, from Monday the 22nd of February 2010, women will be able to join very naughty dating free of charge. Very Naughty is also addressing other issues female members of its site have complained about in the past which was the amount of messages from me, a new tool is being introduced for female users which makes it impossible for a male member to contact them if the female members has not giving explicit permission to do so.

“Our new payment model, coupled with the new innovations we have introduced will make using our adult dating platform very exciting for men” said Very Naughty spokes person. Women looking forward to taking advantage of the new Very Naughty payment options can do so by joining Very Naughty Adult Dating.

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