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WealthyMen dating site review

Nowadays it seems that most of our dreams relate to having more and more money, does not matter what it takes to get them, whether is about working 24/7 or even marrying with someone that could share the wealth with us. Rich men have always been what most beautiful women are looking for, even if most of the times they will not admit that, the facts reveal the truth. is a dating site for all those gorgeous ladies searching for wealthy men to hook-up with. Does not matter if the men registering to this website are geeks, ugly, old or impotent, is the size of their wallets that really matters, and this is to be find out even from their verification system : each male member’s income will be verified and also each woman’s photo as well in order to have only « creme de la creme » members registered to This is a straight to the point dating site, everyone knows what they are looking for, more exactly beautiful women searching for rich men and rich men searching for beautiful women.

Although paid membership does not come with such a high cost, WealthyMen also offers a one-week trial for a low price of $9.95. As said above, each man must prove their income is at least $100 thousands/year and each woman must prove the photos uploaded are real and belonging to them.

Talking about monthly income, women can also search for men based on how much they earn each year with levels from more than $100 thousands to $2 million or higher. They could also search by other characteristics like age, location, photos etc. but on a dating site for wealthy men and beautiful women it is a natural fact that ladies will be looking for men with medium-high income and not for things like “blue eyes, short hair”. Also, this website does not allow gay men to register, no matter how big their income would be.

Remember those dating sites where you say those photos are too good to be real? Well forget about them, the verification system seems to be almost flawless so if your pockets are deeper than the average and you are searching for a really hot lady to share a romance with then might be the perfect place for this goal. One thing to be aware of: there are also a few escorts registered to this website, it would be a clever thing to settle things down right before getting more personal with a gorgeous lady you might fancy with.