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What are your chances of going on a date from contact found at a dating site?


Despite what some UK dating website will have us belive, according to a blog by Stacy Becker, your chances of actually going on a date with someone you meet at a UK online dating site is less than 50%. A graphic of responce to her survey can be found about, excerpts from her blog follows:

The online dating ad that sticks in my minds proclaims that “one of five relationships start on an online dating site.” As definitive as that sounds, I learned that there are no conclusive numbers. Instead there are all kinds of ways to slice and dice the numbers. So let’s dive into a top five countdown!
Number 5. Is it really one in five?

A 2011 international study showed that 14.7% of cohabiting couples met online, of which 38% met through a dating site.[i] This means that less than 6% met through an online dating service. A 2009 review of U.S. research concluded that 3%-6% of marriages or long-term relationships started online (not necessarily through an online dating service)[ii]. However, if we’re talking about new relationships, we might expect the numbers to be higher.

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