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There was a popular larger advert on TV quite a few years ago which depicts an animal or a person performing some amazing feat, for example a squirrel that run through some impressive obstacles to retrieve some nuts and a guy who was catching bombs and defusing them as they were dropped by a bomber, two passerby walk past with one remarking to the other that “I bets he drinks Carling Black label” image of this old advert flashed though my mind when the first payment from my White Label Dating powered dating site arrived.

About 3 weeks or so before the first payment arrive, I received an email from a White Label Dating representative via one of my dating sites telling me I could make more money if switch to their platform, naturally, the email was deleted immediately. I received another email from the same person a week or so later via another website of mine, she apparently thought I had not received the first email, the second email was follow up with a call, one thing led to another and I agree to try their platform.

I have been using White Label Dating platform for about 4 months now, like everything else in life, there are positive and negatives, the positive site for me far outweighs the negative hence I will continue using theme for the foreseeable future. Some of the pros and cons of using White Label Dating platform follows:

Reasons to consider using White Label Dating platform.

* Payout seem to be the quickest in the industry, pays every two weeks.
* Receiving payment is easier than with some providers, White Label dating just credit your account without the need for you to invoice them first.
* No set-up fee for your White Label Dating powered sites.
* Personal account manager who helps you grow your dating business.
* Easy to customise application.

Reasons you may not want to consider using White Label Dating platform

* Extensive customisation opportunity is not available.
* URL masking technology non existent, customers can see White Label Dating URLs everywhere.
* Limited opportunity for optimisting White Label Dating powered urls
* Pays 25% less than some dating platform provider on initial signups. (White Label Dating go 50/50, some provider go 75/25).

Reasons you may not want to use any dating platform provider

The reasons given previously are specific to White Label Dating while the reasons that follows are common to all dating services platform provider.
* You do not own the database of customers you bring to them, should you decide to cancel partnering with them, you cannot take the customers you brought into their database.
* You do not have direct access to your customers.