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Dating mobile payment

Dating mobile payment

The runaway leader in provision of hosted online dating platform White Label Dating from Global personal Ltd announce today that it is adding payment by mobile phone to its list of payment options dating site operators on the White Label dating platform can use to collect money from their members. M-Commerce, the generic name for ecommerce transaction including payment that takes place on the mobile phone instead of payment by credit card.

Paying for a dating subscription using mobile phone payment is considered to be much easier, more secure and less intrusive when compared with paying by credit card where you give you credit card details to a 3rd party and the potential embarrassment that comes with having say an adult site url listed on your credit card statement should you use one of the naughty adult dating sites, this is said to be one of the reasons many registered member of adult dating site never upgrade to paid membership, the new mobile phone payment will eliminate this reason as a phone number will be listed on your mobile statement rather than the name of the website you paid to use.

White Label Dating said this payment option will “this feature is great for anonymity, simply showing up as a reference number on their phone statement – great for discretion” this payment option is obviously targeted at the casual dating market with the hope of converting thousands of registered members to full members ” This great new feature might be that last little push your basic members need to make the final commitment to becoming a full paying customer.”

Mobile payment is not new in the dating industry, may of the leading online dating site offer this method of paying for your membership subscription.